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Have you ever thought about becoming your own boss? Are you ready to take a step towards independence, security, and personal growth? Do you think you have what it takes? We think you do.

Sometimes it’s not about discovering the next Google, Amazon, or Facebook. Sometimes a true entrepreneur comes when one chooses to take action to better their future, freeing themselves of dependence. 

Is it your time to jump into entrepreneurship and become the leader of your own business? If so, then Clear Water Detailing may just have the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We at Clear Water Detailing favour the bold. We want to see you succeed and support the building of your empire as you become a successful entrepreneur. On your journey with us, you’ll master the tricks of running a successful business, hone your leadership skills, and make the right decisions for continuous growth.

By becoming a franchise partner, you’ll quickly learn the trade and reap the benefits. You will develop skillful sales techniques, effective management, good accounting, impeccable client relations, and many other vital elements of a successful business — skills that a budding entrepreneur such as yourself will find an essential tool in your path to success.

Partner with Clear Water Detailing right away and open the door to unlimited opportunities.



Reach out to us today for more information. We offer our franchisees the full package when it comes to handling all detailing requirements at your dealership. 

Clear Water Detailing will ensure that all your duties are carried out hassle-free. We’ll act as your recruiting agency and promise you quality operations, with returns covered by our watertight profit-sharing agreement. 

When it comes to client management, you can trust Clear Water Detailing to provide the best customer experience as we treat your clients as our very own.

Why Clear Water Detailing?


The process of recruitment and training can be a stressful, time-consuming, and costly process. Yet, it’s an essential element that will ultimately decide the quality of service provided by you. 

By partnering with us, your clients are assured of our satisfaction guarantee, which means they will have immediate access to value-added offerings such as our mobile service. 

Our services will ensure stability and focus is maintained when it comes to detailing. We also guarantee significant margins as the fruits of your labor. Working with a professional company like Clear Water will also enable a more robust sales pitch, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

Clear Water has the capacity to take over your detailing bay completely and will implement strict quality control. Every detail will be carried out by our certified Clear Water Detailing team, with flexible preset detailing packages ranging from a basic wash and vacuum to advanced ceramic coating and sealants. The profit-sharing model will promise a win-win situation for both parties and result in hassle-free and convenient operations moving forward.

Clear Water Detailing offers you the opportunity to be your own boss!

  • Create your own schedule
  • ​Manage day-to-day operations
  • Market yourself
  • Build client relations
  • Obtain valuable business experience

Once the introductory message is received, a representative will provide you with some more in-depth details of the position.

Thank you for choosing Clear Water Detailing.